~ The Gatekeeper app can work offline; data can be synchronized while connected ~

 ~ Registering the housing society on ApartmentADDA.com will enable free access to the app ~

 Security would be the primary reasons for anybody who settles with an apartment to live. No MDU owner would like to compromise it for any reasons. Everybody loves if it is made stronger and user friendly.

Understanding the thoughts of the housing owners, practicalities of security personals and to make gate keeping more efficient and user friendly ApartmentADDA has come out with a new solution in the form of ADDA Gate Keeper. This app can be downloaded from play store and installed to any android run mobile phones. The first of its kind app is absolutely free and is designed to shift the process of offline visitor tracking to online.

This app can be used both offline and online. The security guard can access this app through email id and password to login and can capture the visitors’ name, contact number, vehicle number along with a special note. And the data captured offline for the entire day can be synchronized to the registered ADDA with just one click when internet connection is available.

Announcing the launch of the app Sangeeta Banerjee, CEO, ApartmentADDA.com said “security has always been the primary concern in apartment complex since the security personal doesn’t know whether the visitor is going to meet the same person entered in the register. And tracking the visitor till the door is also impractical. But with the Gatekeeper app by ApartmentADDA enables the guards look up the resident details of the visitor meeting and verify by sending an SMS to the concern resident. Frequent visitors like vegetable vendor, plumber, electrician, laundry service can also be prepared using the app.”

“After installing the app internet connection is not required to feed data; the administrator can also define its user’s rights. If you have decided not to provide internet access to security for any reasons, it will never be an issue. Data entered offline can be synched by taking to internet enabled vicinity such as society office. The app will ensure the gate security system effective than the old practices” she adds.

Download the Android App here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.threefiveeight.adda

Download the iOS App here: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id753845888



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