With an aim of keeping people informed by presenting content in an easily consumable format, the company knows that the key to Hotify’s success lies on how the app has been built.

Cards are an interaction model which is an important part of how Hotify presents the content. The semantic understanding of data allows the app to present the information and enables the user to read news headlines more swiftly and engage more on a card-based interface as compared to a scroll interface.

Hotify’s AI engine delivers personalised news relevant to a user,” said Aakash Porwal, co-founder and Producer Creative at Hotify, “we moved from scroll to card interface to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for news consumption.”

On the scroll feature, the users have a tendency to focus on multiple pieces of information at any given instant, since they view 3-4 news simultaneously, thus distracting the user and missing the news relevant to them. Moreover, it is difficult for the users to scroll the content at their own pace, invariably making the them backtrack, which results in a waste of time and focus.Cards can pull out information out of the app andmaking it relevant to the moment. It can take content out of silos, package them, and making them sharable. At the same time, they’re like canvases – not just files – the content that the user can pass around.

What makes them tick?

Many aggregation services will claim to have intelligent algorithms directing what articles get recommended to users – Hotify can do better. Hotify’s intuitive software application understands and responds to the user’s preference through a series of human-machine interactions and social signals. Millions of articles are evaluated and the algorithms pick what’s trending and relevant to a variety of users.

The machine learning-based recommendation system not only focuses on what the user clicks or pauses to read, but also studies the actions of users with similar interests.

Hotify continues to improve on their solution to deliver the users their preferred content without the intervention of human curation. By applying concepts like gamification, cognitive computing, and big data in real time, the company believes that the users will be engaged and delighted with the new experience.


Videocon Mobile Phones Division, from the house of a 6 billion dollar Videocon Group, creates a new paradigm in Indian selfie-obsessed mobile market with the launch of Infinium Z40 Quad. This latest addition to the Infinium Series Smartphone range is designed to offer superb camera capabilities to the consumer thus enabling the perfect shot in every click.

Today when consumers are turning towards selfies to express themselves, the market is slowly opening up to robust camera featured phones which has created a demand for selfie phones. It is this demand that Videocon Mobile Phones addresses with this new device that has a front 3.2 MP Camera & a 5MP BSI Auto Focus Rear Camera for a perfect shot. Augmenting the camera prowess, the device also features a stunning 10.1 cm (4”) WVGA IPS Capacitive Screen that reproduces life-like images.

The device keeps the users always connected via a range of networking and connectivity options like GPS/A-GPS, G/P/L Sensor, 3.75G and wireless display. It is powered by Android KitKat 4.4 OS, and has a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor that is powered by a 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM kit.  Apart from great camera features, the Infinium Z40 Quad offers great entertainment options that include a pre-installed Hungama Music Application which gives access to 100 free content download for 30 days, along with preinstalled Gameloft Games like Spiderman & Bubble Bash 3. For security, the device is being offered with a preinstalled V-Secure application with 90 days free trial that helps in providing mobile security.

Mr. Jerold Pereira, CEO, Videocon Mobile Phones says, Videocon Smartphones are designed to offer great performance and stunning features catering to the varied needs of consumers. Innovative design and elegant looks are the USP’s of our products and we seek to deliver a true pleasure of smart mobility to the consumers with our devices. Today, selfies are becoming the medium of self expression amongst the consumers, and the demand for devices with great camera capabilities are increasing on an exponential level.”

 e adds, “With young consumer contributing greatly to this selfie phenomenon we seek to cater to this emergent demand with our new Infinium Z40 Quad Smartphone which comes with a superior camera hardware and is powered by robust software. We are confident that this selfie smartphone will find much acceptance amongst the selfie crazy consumers, and will help us in establishing ourselves as a brand of choice of the discerning consumer.”

Via the Z40 Quad smartphone, Videocon Mobile Phones targets the aspiring youth audience within the age group of 15-35 years in SEC B, C towns across various states of the country. This camera rich phone is available in two colour variants- Black and White at a price of Rs. 5490.