When we received the earphones, looking at its packaging the first thing that we did notice was that it is made only for iPad, iPod and iPhone. This kind of did not go down to well with all the “Android Loyalists” at the office. So, we decided to test the earphones on an iPhone.

At the outset

After unboxing them, you would notice that the white and grey combination is quiet catchy. With the trademark JBL “Orange” coloured insertions, on looks this is a fancy looking set of earphones. So, plugged in and all set we played the first song “It’s my life” and we loved the deep and powerful Bass experience that these earphones offered. Another element that impressed us was the flat wires instead of round ones.  These don’t tangle irrespective of how you treat them. The carry pouch is quite effective too.


The music quality that these earphones offer is quite superior. As claimed by JBL, the product does bring out the intensity in the music with its deep, accurate JBL Pure Bass. The slip – resistant silicone sleeves don’t cause pain to your ears inspite of using it for long hours and the ambient noise reduction is very effective. We used it on a computer while working, followed by a walk and then a bike ride, all this in a span of 4 hours and not even once did we feel like re – adjusting the earphones.

As far as the mike is concerned, it is quite effective but does not live upto the expectations. Arguably, the only let down of the product, during calls the opposite person struggled to hear our voice clearly.

Final Words

The JBL performance drivers are probably one of the only differences that separates this product from its competitors. Although, it does seem like a product that will offer value for money, spending this kind of an amount for a pair of earphones is a little steep. As a earphone to listen to music and only listen to music, it is a great pick but you can surely avoid the microphone.

Price: Rs. 2,990

Rating – 3.5/5