With FIFA 18 being around for a few months now, fans are already looking forward to the next installment of arguably the world’s best Football game. With the frostbite engine offering gameplay like never before, there is no doubt that now fans expect more!

So what can we expect from FIFA 19?

  1. Career Mode with a twist

The fans would certainly love to take charge of a press conference and give answers to some trick one’s thrown at them by the media. Apart from that, the career mode also needs to fix the aging of players. If you look at a 37 year old Cristiano Ronaldo, his speed decreases by half in comparison to the one in his prime. Now that isn’t fair, is it?

  1. The Ultimate Team

Several patrons have graduate to playing Ultimate Team online, but it certainly needs some attention. EA expects players to play 40 matches over the weekend in the league. Now, that is something that can push one to their limits both physically and mentally. Maybe, a reduction in games would be nice.

  1. Better Squad Battles

Squad battles were without a doubt one of the best additions to the online gaming mode in FIFA. For those, who could not compete at the highest level in the Weekend League could just compete with the AI to win some packs. But it too needs some work. As you switch the difficulty mode, one finds it impossible to beat the legendary keeper. Your own team’s players start to miss sitters and the list goes on.

  1. More customization

Custom chants, kits, badges, etc are what the fans are now hungry for. Not to forget the goal celebrations. One would love to see Lingard and Pogba celebrate and dance together wouldn’t they? Dynamic Stadiums with away fans making some more noise, more interaction between opposing managers, hand ball rule and lots more still seems amiss in FIFA.

Well it looks like we will have have to wait another 6-8 months to finally find out what FIFA 19 is going to be like. Until then go ahead and score some screamers in FIFA 18.

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